Crypsons, we are end-to-end IT services company, serving private and public sector clients from a diverse array of industries across countries. The company’s technology independence, global talent and extensive partner network help clients harness the power of innovation to thrive on change and guide their digital transformation journeys.

The company works to create greater value for clients, partners and shareholders, and to present growth opportunities for its people. We focus on working closely with our clients to fully understand their technical requirements and assist in growing their permanent employee base. Our tenured recruiting team is dedicated to understanding our clients’ culture and long term vision.We implement MSP solutions that add value by creating a single point of contact for invoicing and supplier management which streamlines communication, optimizes supplier performance, reduces spend, and increases the ROI for your contingent labor program.

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Permanent Staffing

We deliver Permanent recruitment which involves bringing in full time employees that are expected to work and grow our end customers. These employees are fully on the payroll of our end customers and are liable to all the benefits the company is expected to provide by law including tax relief, sick pay, pension entitlements and so on

Train and Deploy Programs

We have developed the "Hire, Train & Deploy" model as part of our ongoing commitment to providing cost-effective skilled talents that help our clients deliver world class projects efficiently. This program is specially designed for our valued customers who have special needs for their new staff to be trained in specific areas before they come on board.

Contract Staffing

We provides the finest contract staffing services in India. Whatever may be your requirement in any branch of IT or non-IT department, we are more than happy to fulfill the same with the right fit of talented professionals. CRYPSONS INFOTECH goes out of its way to completely comprehend the type of candidates that will match your contract needs, sift through their huge records and select the creamiest of exceptional professionals. Thus it goes without saying that we endeavor to give you such contractual workforce that will undoubtedly not only match up to your expectations but also be beneficial to your company, to deliver as required.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our Project RPO services model acts as a company’s extended recruiting arm managing the long term or short-term recruitment drives of the enterprise. We assist in the management of the comprehensive recruiting cycle from job- profiling to on-on boarding of the new hires inclusive of the staff, technology incorporated, methodology and reporting. Our complete Project RPO solution can facilitate in improving an enterprise’s time to hire, enhance the quality of candidate hires and provide verifiable recruiting metrics.

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